Wednesday, November 11, 2009


"So long as we live among men, let us cherish humanity" --Andre Gide

Go with me to a job interview. It is here you sit, knee to knee, with a corporate superior (we'll call him Mr. Mo-Betta-Den-U). It is here you are resolute in making yourself known and telling this guy what you can do for his enterprise. You're set. The credentials scream "I'm your man!" and the resumé says, "Man, I look good."

The questioning begins...

"Well,  Mr. subordinate, (that's you), "tell me of your greatest strength."

You reply with a series of marketable answers followed by this concluding declaration: "I'm a people person."

It just seemed like a good thing to say--a good way to seal the deal, right? Yes, a good way to say "I'm a powerhouse with a bit of cliché on the side."

Say goodbye to all of your previously attained merit. Mr. Mo-Betta-Den-U has no need for a filler statement amidst your already-displayed worth to his company. Trust me, he has made the assumption and already believes that you are a people person.
What does it mean to be a "people person"? We say it often. I've heard it used on both sides of the people spectrum. I've heard those who use it in the context that they really like to communicate, soak in the power of personality, and cultivate worthy association. On the reverse, I've met some who tell me that they just don't like people. Interaction does not seem to be their forte. Their resort stands in the world of "me, myself, and a good strong video game" (bloggers don't count, wink). So, if one is not a people person, what is he? I've yet to come to a conclusion on this.

When it comes down to it, I believe in being a people person. I am simply issuing warning against one becoming a trite stereotype who loses originality, ingenuity, and impact in the face of overuse (see, "cliché"). I would argue that the people we regard as "people persons" do not readily recognize themselves as such. To me, a people person walks within the realms of reality carrying a smile on his or her face--but only if they desire to.

In my opinion, the world is full of people persons. Are we not all people? However, please remember to leave this fact out of that job interview!


Tami said...

Another great blog entry and definitely food for thought too. Now that you mention it, I'm not exactly sure what a "people person" is but I think you are one. You're someone who loves being around people. You love talking to and getting to know new people. You are great at interacting with all, whether you know them or not. You are a people person, in my opinion!!

Now being the grammar guru that I am, I have to correct a mistake you made in your post... you know, it's just the OCD in me and also, I have to catch it before Angie does. HAHA!! Where you type, "I'm you're man"... it should be YOUR instead of you're.... Whew!! There, I feel so much better now. Love you Mo!!!

Travis Standley said...

Thanks mom. I appreciate the compliment.
Oh Wow! That is an error for sure! Thanks! I missed that one. I will make an edit immediately.