Thursday, November 19, 2009

Church Supports Nondiscrimination Ordinances - LDS Newsroom

Hey everyone,

Just thought I would post the link to this news release. The Church's support on these ordinances has brought mixed reviews--mostly among Latter-day Saints. This baffles me a bit. The passing of these ordinances represents the support of basic human rights. It does not, however, link to the support of the moral issues surrounding the group it addresses. The statement made by the LDS church clearly illustrates this balance. There is a link to the actual statement in the LDS newsroom page.

Those of the LDS faith who stand against the Church's support of these ordinances are missing out on some of the foundational principles taught by the Lord, Jesus Christ. The greatest of these is love. Love is the catalyst by which people change for the better. We should show love towards all by kindly living correct principles and reflecting correct moral values. We do not support practices contrary to Christian principles but we do support people and their potential to change and improve their lives as they desire to. Christ invites ALL to come to Him and walk His path.

It is no wonder to me, now, that in the recent General Conference of the LDS Church, that many of the remarks from the presiding Church leaders were focused on love and its practice in our lives. I will post a few of them but invite you to pay particular attention to the remarks of Elder Oaks in his "Love and Law" address. He directly addresses the relationship between public issues and religious positions. Here are the links to a few:

"What Have I Done for Someone Today" President Thomas S. Monson

"The Love of God" President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"Our Perfect Example" President Henry B. Eyring

"Love and Law" Elder Dallin H. Oaks


cskelton said...

I have been very impressed with the power of the talks on love, and service. Charity is of course the pure love of Christ. Charity involves so much more than we in general understand. I have been the recipient of much service just lately, and it is extremely humbling. I'm happy you posted this.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. Your posts are full of excellent articulation.