Friday, February 18, 2011

Being Content

"Plan, Simplify, Be Strong" --Danel W. Bachman

The world we live in is a noisy place. If we are not careful it will lead to a noisy life. Amidst the daily impulses and itches the challenge lies in maintaining our own calmness and contentment. I do not wish to deeply delve into definition here; I simply raise up a reminder of the power of simplicity in our lives. Sometimes we get so uncomfortable in silence. Other times we see no color in the mundane. Perhaps we lose all the flavor of one day because we wonder what tomorrow is going to bring. The question should not be "What's in it for me?" Rather, we should ask: "What can I offer tomorrow?"

There is great wonder in simple accomplishments. If we can conquer the daily doings with enjoyment then we have taken another step toward contentment. The more steps we take toward loving our lives the less we will move toward the noise that redundantly tries to take us away from ourselves. The noise directs us to be shiny and up-to-date; calmness directs us toward sincerity and good nature--a real sense of who we are.

The pinnacle of contentment will bring us to be a greater friend of what is really true and good in life; it allows us to be a light to others instead of a judge. Contentment allows us to go to bed at night knowing that we made today a victory and not an empty yesterday.