Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Mom is Magic

Mother's amaze me. They just seem to know. Sometimes, in their own humble way, they know that they know. My mom has always told me, "I'm not always right, but I'm never wrong." Well, I haven't proved that one wrong yet. I've quit trying. It's a losing battle.

I remember one instance when I was headed out the door to go with some friends. Mom said, almost in passing, "Don't you need a jacket?"

"No, the weather is fine," I said.

She was right. I needed a jacket that night. Didn't have one. Better luck next time.

Mothers are also magic. Would you agree? Remember those times when she used her fingers to clean your face when you were four? I always wondered how she did it.Somehow those fingers had the ability to become damp enough to shine my face up at just the right moment! The results were impeccable. Jeff Foxworthy compared it to the power of 409 cleaner. How'd she do it?! Magic of course!

I've since learned that this maternal magic is quite practical. The timely dampness and resulting shine is a product none other than mom's saliva. Hmmm. Now that is something only a mom could pull off. Dad just can't make that kind of smoke-and-mirrors maneuver. Yes, my mom is magic; don't tell!

Mom! Love ya!


Tami said...

Oh what a FUN post!!! Thanks for writing this!! So you've figured out a couple of my tricks?!?!? Well, I have others that I am thinking you will never figure out!! hehe I love you! You're such a blessing in my life!!!

cskelton said...

It's true moms are magic, always will be. And the younger ones have even more magic in their minds, and little fingertips, and I'm not just talking about the ones I'm related too!

Secret Jimma Jamma said...

dude, is that a picture of you in your header? Man, my Mom is so freakin cool...